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From source (23 November 2022):
Got a mistypetals comm from doodlemark!

Artist's page may potentially host this image; redirect source to it once found.
safe986211 artist:chub-wub393 derpibooru original13292 character:misty160 character:pipp petals1159 species:pegasus185150 species:pony663398 species:unicorn183714 g54591 abstract background8769 adorapipp282 blushing105373 cellphone2320 chibi8533 circlet642 coat markings1688 colored hooves4839 cute126271 duo38448 female739938 floppy ears30587 grumpy1736 heart25453 hoof hold5274 hooves11916 lesbian50857 lying down9408 mare290522 mistybetes68 mistypetals1 phone3736 pillow10176 pipp wings1032 scrunchy face4401 shipping103174 sitting38271 smartphone1397 socks (coat marking)2376 thought bubble1973 unshorn fetlocks16439


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