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From source (19 June 2022):
#FEARDAKEZ #FEARDAKEZART #mlpart #izzy_moonbow
safe989620 artist:feardakez5 character:izzy moonbow2235 species:pony666829 species:unicorn184954 g55389 blep5252 bracelet6185 bridlewood12 butterfly3946 colored hooves5231 cute127769 ear fluff18255 eyebrows7376 eyebrows visible through hair2641 female742841 fluffy8949 forest6308 gradient hair2699 hooves12495 izzybetes627 jewelry37657 leg fluff2209 mare293297 multicolored hair5023 rearing3510 smiling151332 solo627606 tongue out54574 tree19669 unshorn fetlocks16875


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