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From Derpibooru (24 November 2022):
Izzy's magic is something, eh?
You could almost says it's great and poweful
safe993331 screencap195425 character:hitch trailblazer1024 character:izzy moonbow2713 character:pipp petals1797 character:posey bloom115 character:sparky sparkeroni163 character:sunny starscout2306 character:zipp storm1339 species:dragon33599 species:earth pony143339 species:pegasus187904 species:pony670601 species:unicorn186553 episode:snow pun intended28 g57377 my little pony: tell your tale1148 spoiler:g51635 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale744 spoiler:tyts01e3728 animated64712 baby6525 baby dragon1040 blaze (coat marking)1579 clothing300543 earmuffs819 excited1989 eyes closed55165 female745925 gradient hair3214 happy19078 magic45719 magic glow130 male197964 mare295961 multicolored hair5614 pipp wings1651 posey can't catch a break42 scared6548 scarf13880 smiling153041 snow8670 snowpony157 sound5148 sparkles3104 sparkly eyes151 stallion65596 sweat13845 sweatdrop1867 webm7521 wingding eyes12547 winter outfit1059 worried2536 youtube link2443


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