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From Derpibooru (24 November 2022):
Izzy's magic is something, eh?
You could almost says it's great and poweful
safe987554 screencap194439 character:hitch trailblazer677 character:izzy moonbow2116 character:pipp petals1222 character:posey bloom51 character:sparky sparkeroni30 character:sunny starscout1664 character:zipp storm812 species:dragon33379 species:earth pony141383 species:pegasus185666 species:pony664747 species:unicorn184290 episode:snow pun intended28 g54885 my little pony: tell your tale198 spoiler:g5366 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale109 spoiler:tyts01e3728 animated64263 baby6416 baby dragon961 blaze (coat marking)1219 clothing298856 earmuffs812 excited1963 eyes closed54504 female741199 gradient hair2576 happy18844 magic45333 magic glow129 male196712 mare291778 multicolored hair4871 pipp wings1094 posey can't catch a break22 scared6496 scarf13779 smiling150480 snow8573 snowpony154 sound5036 sparkles2905 sparkly eyes105 stallion64637 sweat13739 sweatdrop1820 webm7394 wingding eyes12246 winter outfit1051 worried2515 youtube link2404


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