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My hand is recovering and I am able to start drawing again. Here is some long-overdue anthro art of Sylvia Evergreen, my park ranger gal! 💚🌲
safe987457 artist:dandy384 oc375868 oc only252696 oc:sylvia evergreen31 species:anthro147344 species:pegasus185630 species:pony664649 species:unguligrade anthro28263 belly button44882 belt3344 boots13066 braided pigtails127 breasts156098 busty oc374 chest fluff23059 clothing298811 cute126833 ear fluff17975 eyebrows6737 eyebrows visible through hair2361 female741099 freckles17921 hat52695 hiking boots18 looking sideways1410 mare291685 midriff12241 ocbetes3692 ribbon4107 shoes21993 shorts9111 simple background234789 solo626282 wings69514


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