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From source (25 December 2022):

"Hmmm, Quien podría ser? Eh Rodolfo?"
El episodio del regalo secreto de Tell Your Tale nos dió un pequeño momentito Stormblazer, y aproveché las fiestas para sacarlo como mi dibujo navideño, espero que les guste tanto como a mi <3

“Hmmm, Who could it be, Hey Rudolph?”

Secret Canter episode from Tell Your Tale gave us a short Stormblazer moment, So I waited until the holidays to release it as my christmas drawing, Hope you like it as much as I do! <3
safe993789 artist:fantaje32 character:hitch trailblazer1049 character:zipp storm1411 species:earth pony143568 species:pegasus188100 species:pony671099 ship:hitchzipp35 g57649 abstract background9090 adorazipp329 affection108 album142 blaze (coat marking)1610 blushing106543 christmas7792 coat markings2396 colored eyebrows1965 colored hooves6181 cute129534 duo39851 duo male and female717 eyebrows8514 eyes closed55230 female746433 hitchbetes186 holiday10984 hoof hold5557 hooves13628 kissing12974 male198118 mare296362 profile5730 raised hoof29604 red background513 sequins26 shipping103965 signature17288 simple background236980 sitting39091 smiling153321 snow8674 snowflake440 socks (coat marking)3012 stallion65702 straight64399 three quarter view3293 unshorn fetlocks18019


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