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From source (28 December 2022):
she plays fortnite
#mylittlepony #g5 #fanart
safe992566 artist:spookyfoxinc5 character:pipp petals1715 species:pegasus187579 species:pony669791 g56955 my little pony: a new generation1090 chair4241 chest fluff23604 circlet788 clothing300307 coat markings2211 colored hooves5847 ear fluff18583 female745175 gamer153 headphones4842 hooves13236 jewelry38173 mare295262 open mouth82865 pipp wings1570 profile5554 socks37397 socks (coat marking)2841 solo629407 spread wings34006 striped socks12117 tiara2175 wings71252


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