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From source (14 November 2022):
Another commission finished, he's thunder, one of the Royal Guards of Zephyr Heights, and one of the cutest designs (IMO) of the new generation, such a joy making a drawing of him.

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safe994390 artist:supermoix85 character:thunder flap50 species:pegasus188300 species:pony671569 g57957 my little pony: a new generation1180 abstract background9096 armor14947 body pillow2123 body pillow design1443 coat markings2473 colored eyebrows2034 colored hooves6307 colored wings4514 cute129701 eyebrows8617 guard812 hooves13811 looking at you100544 lying down10058 male198245 multicolored wings2534 on back12541 pegasus royal guard55 royal guard4472 simple background237201 socks (coat marking)3083 solo630487 stallion65806 thundorable3 two toned wings1678 unshorn fetlocks18172 wings71822


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