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From source (15 January 2023):
i love carrot cake without raisins! :3
safe988237 artist:kittyrosie374 character:sunny starscout1706 species:earth pony141576 species:pony665374 g55042 my little pony: tell your tale218 spoiler:g5412 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale117 spoiler:tyts01e352 abstract background8935 apron2558 blushing105666 cake5994 carrot cake (food)10 clothing299117 colored hooves5116 cute127273 female741882 food41775 happy18855 heart eyes8814 high res16934 hoof hold5343 hooves12296 looking sideways1422 mare292364 open mouth81810 panic on harvest & hugs day2 pink background1567 signature16021 simple background235119 smiling150778 solo626914 sunnybetes446 unshorn fetlocks16713 wingding eyes12280


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