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From source (20 January 2023):
My first attempt in drawing a G5 pony. Here is Pipp Petals in a Flamenco inspired style!
safe993342 artist:thebigstuff8941 character:pipp petals1798 species:pegasus187913 species:pony670611 g57379 adorapipp569 alternate hairstyle17432 bow15941 clothing300545 cloud18476 coat markings2323 colored hooves6049 cute129345 dress27265 female745937 flamenco dress4 hair bow8863 heart25969 heart eyes8969 hooves13483 looking at you100300 mare295974 open mouth83130 open smile1589 pipp wings1652 princess pipp7 raised hoof29530 signature17137 smiling153050 smiling at you2340 socks (coat marking)2943 solo629908 spread wings34195 sun3868 sunset3207 three quarter view3252 unshorn fetlocks17869 wingding eyes12547 wings71584


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