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Just a loop of Izzy snoring at the start of the ep. Extra open-mouth frames added to make it a nicer loop.

Get different sizes:


Oh, as far as software used:
Blender video editing was used to composit the extra frames and export as png.
GIMP was used to collate the png files into layers, correct the color to indexed, optimize, and then build a gif.
safe993445 edit85879 edited screencap48788 editor:damaged4 screencap195427 character:izzy moonbow2717 species:pony670654 species:unicorn186586 g57390 my little pony: tell your tale1153 spoiler:tyts01e4410 animated64715 bed22908 drool11461 gif21529 gradient hair3218 loop4177 mask3442 multicolored hair5621 sleeping13274 snoring417


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