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From source (7 August 2022):
a cute dress she wore in the new episode
safe993445 artist:aztrial76 character:pipp petals1800 species:pegasus187923 species:pony670654 g57390 my little pony: tell your tale1153 spoiler:g51639 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale746 spoiler:tyts01e218 clothing300572 coat markings2336 colored eyebrows1921 colored hooves6056 crown10538 dress27267 eyebrows8414 female746007 hair over one eye4564 headdress316 hooves13490 jewelry38290 looking at you100306 mare295998 my bananas8 pipp wings1654 raised hoof29536 regalia12367 scene interpretation5600 smiling153086 socks (coat marking)2956 solo629946 three quarter view3255 unshorn fetlocks17876


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