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Uploaded to source on 30 September 2022.
safe992552 artist:oneeyedsheep1 character:misty brightdawn737 character:zipp storm1252 species:pegasus187574 species:pony669780 species:unicorn186202 g56943 spoiler:g51509 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark1000 adorazipp282 colored eyebrows1845 colored hooves5841 colored wings4413 cornrows51 crying23238 cute128997 dialogue44773 duo39544 eyebrows8126 female745170 flying24614 freckles18275 gradient background8019 hooves13230 hooves together293 looking down4873 looking sideways1452 mare295257 mistybetes316 multicolored wings2444 nervous3548 open mouth82863 sadorable578 simple background236474 smiling152640 spread wings34003 text27866 three quarter view3194 unshorn fetlocks17624 wings71248


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