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From source (8 July 2022):
Thank you Maretime Bay Adventure for letting me dress up Sunny like the queen she is 💗 🏖️☀️

#mlp #mlpg5 #sunnystarscout #mylittlepony #maretimebayadventure
safe987457 artist:soniana2524 character:sunny starscout1659 species:earth pony141356 species:pony664649 g54864 my little pony: a maretime bay adventure2 bandana3154 bubblegum728 candy3906 clothing298811 coat markings1783 colored eyebrows1478 colored hooves5027 cute126833 eyebrows6737 eyes closed54496 female741099 floaty276 food41720 gum620 helmet6855 hooves12179 inflatable1008 inner tube439 majestic as fuck882 mare291685 markings759 profile5180 roller skates475 simple background234789 sitting38418 smoothie155 socks (coat marking)2450 solo626282 sunglasses8723 sunnybetes421 three quarter view2913 unshorn fetlocks16624 white background55068


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