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From source (30 January 2023):
Just a handsome sheriff with some of his concept art hairstyles

#mlpg5 #hitchtrailblazer #mlpmakeyourmark #mlptellyourtale
safe987554 artist:soniana2524 character:hitch trailblazer677 species:earth pony141383 species:pony664747 g54885 alternate hairstyle17280 arrow1296 blaze (coat marking)1219 bust28720 colored eyebrows1482 cute126891 eyebrows6756 eyebrows visible through hair2369 floppy ears30701 gradient background7766 handsome252 hitchbetes83 looking at you98590 male196712 no pupils2459 profile5194 signature15787 simple background234818 smiling150480 smiling at you1572 solo626357 stallion64637 three quarter view2926


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