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Their snow clouds can turn into mini thunderstorms when they get upset. ⛈️
safe988201 artist:tonyyotes106 artist:yotesmark110 oc376076 oc only252861 oc:nimbula2 oc:snowdrop468 species:earth pony141566 species:pony665341 battle gem ponies91 boots13071 clothing299104 cloud18252 crossover36491 curly hair532 curly mane229 digital art10082 eyeliner463 female741854 filly35843 makeup11459 nintendo1903 pixel art5629 pokémon4696 ponymon346 raincloud112 shoes22020 snow8575 snowpony154 solo626890 stormcloud139 tiny ponies845 video game2552 young1490


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