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Their snow clouds can turn into mini thunderstorms when they get upset. ⛈️
safe993789 artist:tonyyotes119 artist:yotesmark121 oc377498 oc only253875 oc:nimbula2 oc:snowdrop466 species:earth pony143568 species:pony671100 battle gem ponies132 boots13124 clothing300686 cloud18501 crossover36654 curly hair545 curly mane244 digital art10376 eyeliner468 female746433 filly36126 makeup11660 nintendo1928 pixel art5686 pokémon4710 ponymon358 raincloud113 shoes22203 snow8674 snowpony158 solo630201 stormcloud141 tiny ponies855 video game2622 young1844


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