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From source (24 March 2023):
Forgiveness by Jaanhavi
safe993942 artist:jaanhavi54 character:misty brightdawn867 character:sprout186 species:earth pony143622 species:pony671242 species:unicorn186809 g57731 spoiler:g51760 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark1054 alternate hair color212 beige background60 chest fluff23758 coat markings2426 colored eyebrows1973 colored hooves6215 curly mane247 cute129599 duo39884 eyebrows8534 female746554 flower15549 flower in hair4775 gradient hair3281 holding hooves909 hooves13670 leg fluff2301 male198159 mare296454 mistybetes367 mistyclover3 multicolored hair5699 orange background489 profile5744 shipping103988 simple background237056 smiling153389 socks (coat marking)3039 sproutbetes17 stallion65734 straight64409 three quarter view3296 toy interpretation186 unshorn fetlocks18065


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