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From source (16 September 2022):
Jazz hooves x Rocky

Twitter description (16 September 2022):
do any of you like jazz hooves x rocky too?

#MLP #mylittlepony #MLPFiM #mlpg5 #MyLittlePonyANewGen
safe989759 artist:sweet cream9 manebooru spotlight142 character:jazz hooves117 character:rocky riff27 species:earth pony142003 species:pegasus186546 species:pony666954 ship:rockjazz1 g55426 202212 beauty mark701 colored eyebrows1632 colored hooves5237 colored wings4314 cute127823 duo39047 duo male and female564 eyebrows7471 eyes closed54770 female742947 folded wings3952 hoof polish250 hooves12511 indoors1702 kissing12927 male197014 mane melody (location)18 mare293396 old art292 profile5347 shipping103453 sitting38666 stallion64888 straight64186 underhoof27386 unshorn fetlocks16890 wings70386


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