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From source (16 September 2022):
Jazz hooves x Rocky

Twitter description (16 September 2022):
do any of you like jazz hooves x rocky too?

#MLP #mylittlepony #MLPFiM #mlpg5 #MyLittlePonyANewGen
safe993894 artist:sweet cream9 manebooru spotlight176 character:jazz hooves175 character:rocky riff64 species:earth pony143608 species:pegasus188141 species:pony671199 ship:rockjazz17 g57710 202215 beauty mark704 colored eyebrows1970 colored hooves6204 colored wings4502 cute129578 duo39873 duo male and female719 eyebrows8523 eyes closed55246 female746508 folded wings4224 hoof polish279 hooves13655 indoors1806 kissing12977 male198139 mane melody (location)35 mare296419 old art297 profile5740 shipping103978 sitting39098 stallion65718 straight64403 underhoof27747 unshorn fetlocks18052 wings71750


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