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From source (23 May 2023):
safe988251 artist:swaybat370 oc376098 oc only252878 oc:lucent starscape2 oc:rain string3 oc:星夜流光3 oc:雨瑟琴弦3 species:alicorn136484 species:pony665385 species:unicorn184531 alicorn oc13165 bed22792 bedroom5729 chest fluff23155 colored wings4252 cute127278 duo38727 ear fluff18067 explicit source5486 female741892 fluffy8912 horn31063 indoors1642 leg fluff2171 looking at each other11862 looking at someone417 lying down9538 mare292371 multicolored wings2299 not zipp storm2 ocbetes3761 unicorn oc3292 window5209 wing fluff1108 wings69857


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