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The Regal Ruler of the Northern Tundra! 👑

Primcesses tend to carve out icy caverns for themselves that resemble posh castle interiors. 🧊
safe992656 artist:tonyyotes118 artist:yotesmark119 oc377211 oc only253714 oc:primcess2 species:deer3507 species:pony669913 antlers1192 battle gem ponies131 crossover36619 deer oc318 deerified271 digital art10269 female745271 hair bun2142 hair tie449 ice780 non-pony oc696 original species14027 pixel art5681 princess1241 psychic powers14 purple577 purple eyes1183 purple fur41 ribbon4115 solo629494 video game2614 white coat169


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