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From source (18 July 2022):
"hi… friend….."
#MLP #mlpg5
safe993937 artist:zemlya61 character:izzy moonbow2775 species:pony671236 species:unicorn186805 g57726 adoracreepy371 ball2163 bracelet6415 creepy2056 cute129595 eye clipping through hair4222 female746551 forest6370 gradient hair3280 horn32622 hornball73 insanity1420 izzy's tennis ball202 jewelry38402 looking at you100462 mare296450 multicolored hair5698 nose in the air829 profile5744 raised hoof29631 raised leg4772 shrunken pupils1923 solo630266 standing on two hooves108 tennis ball478 toy7093 walking2950


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