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From source (7 May 2024):
W..w..wait, wha..?

Twitter description (7 May 2024):
-W..w..wait, wha..?
#mlpg5 #Mistybrightdawn #DigitalCircus
safe993789 artist:maren850 character:misty brightdawn850 species:pony671100 species:unicorn186740 g57649 spoiler:g51739 spoiler:the amazing digital circus2 spoilers for another series465 blush sticker1389 blushing106543 candy carrier chaos!2 clothing300686 colored hooves6181 confetti1174 cosplay12229 costume16311 crossover36654 disappear19 eye clipping through hair4218 eyebrows8514 eyebrows visible through hair3065 female746433 gummigoo2 hat53258 hooves13628 horn32569 jester186 jester hat79 jester outfit20 mare296361 open mouth83270 pomni6 rebirth misty343 scene interpretation5608 solo630201 sweat13855 the amazing digital circus6 unshorn fetlocks18019 zantorp3


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