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From source (5 April 2024):
Who drew these? #mlpg5

Original: >>4035243
safe993789 alternate version22448 artist:maren850 base used10682 character:misty brightdawn850 character:opaline arcana269 species:alicorn137305 species:anthro147896 species:pony671100 species:unicorn186740 g57649 my little pony: make your mark826 my little pony: tell your tale1293 doodle1308 duo39851 eye clipping through hair4218 female746433 glowing horn12659 horn32569 hot yaoi base2 magic45754 magic aura3065 mare296361 meme38125 pointy chin2 rebirth misty343 simple background236980 wat8618 white background55872


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