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Posted previously at: 2012-01-13T22:46:32 | Posted previously by: Launchycat
safe987554 artist:don-ko122 character:applejack97510 character:twilight sparkle172021 species:earth pony141383 species:human74989 species:pony664747 species:unicorn184290 comic:pony farm1 episode:slice of life2055 g4279617 my little pony: friendship is magic163150 chell58 comic66307 crossover36443 dialogue44532 english441 farm318 female741199 glados115 happy18844 mare291778 open mouth81605 photoshop2129 pony farm1 portal (valve)738 portal 2214 potato185 raised hoof28736 raised leg4624 rearing3494 robot4280 silly4650 silly pony1986 smiling150480 wheatley91


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