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my little pony: equestria girls, my little pony: friendship is magic, episode:2-4-6-greaaat, episode:28 pranks later, episode:a bird in the hoof, episode:a canterlot wedding, episode:a dog and pony show, episode:a flurry of emotions, episode:a friend in deed, episode:a health of information, episode:a hearth's warming tail, episode:a horse shoe-in, episode:a matter of principals, episode:a rockhoof and a hard place, episode:a royal problem, episode:friendship is magic, episode:a trivial pursuit, episode:all bottled up, episode:amending fences, episode:apple family reunion, episode:yakity-sax, episode:wonderbolt academy, episode:winter wrap up, episode:where the apple lies, episode:what lies beneath, episode:what about discord?, episode:viva las pegasus, episode:uprooted, episode:uncommon bond, episode:twilight's kingdom, episode:twilight time, episode:triple threat, episode:trade ya, episode:top bolt, episode:too many pinkie pies, episode:to where and back again, episode:to change a changeling, episode:three's a crowd, episode:the washouts, episode:the times they are a changeling, episode:applebuck season, episode:applejack's day off, episode:appleoosa's most wanted, episode:baby cakes, episode:bats!, episode:between dark and dawn, episode:bloom and gloom, episode:boast busters, episode:bridle gossip, episode:brotherhooves social, episode:buckball season, episode:call of the cutie, episode:campfire tales, episode:canterlot boutique, episode:castle mane-ia, episode:castle sweet castle, episode:the ticket master, episode:the super speedy cider squeezy 6000, episode:the summer sun setback, episode:the show stoppers, episode:the saddle row review, episode:the return of harmony, episode:the point of no return, episode:the perfect pear, episode:the parent map, episode:the one where pinkie pie knows, episode:the mysterious mare do well, episode:the mean 6, episode:the maud couple, episode:the mane attraction, episode:the lost treasure of griffonstone, episode:the last roundup, episode:the last problem, episode:the last laugh, episode:the last crusade, episode:the hooffields and mccolts, episode:the hearth's warming club, episode:the gift of the maud pie, episode:the fault in our cutie marks, episode:the ending of the end, episode:the end in friend, episode:celestial advice, episode:common ground, episode:crusaders of the lost mark, episode:daring don't, episode:daring done, episode:daring doubt, episode:sounds of silence, episode:the cutie remark, episode:discordant harmony, episode:do princesses dream of magic sheep?, episode:dragon dropped, episode:dragon quest, episode:dragonshy, episode:dungeons & discords, episode:equestria games, episode:every little thing she does, episode:the cutie pox, episode:fake it til you make it, episode:the cutie mark chronicles, episode:the cutie map, episode:the crystalling, episode:the crystal empire, episode:the cart before the ponies, episode:the break up break down, episode:the big mac question, episode:the best night ever, episode:testing testing 1-2-3, episode:tanks for the memories, episode:sweet and smoky, episode:sweet and elite, episode:swarm of the century, episode:surf and/or turf, episode:suited for success, episode:fall weather friends, episode:fame and misfortune, episode:family appreciation day, episode:father knows beast, episode:feeling pinkie keen, episode:filli vanilli, episode:flight to the finish, episode:flutter brutter, episode:fluttershy leans in, episode:for whom the sweetie belle tolls, episode:forever filly, episode:frenemies, episode:friendship university, episode:sparkle's seven, episode:games ponies play, episode:gauntlet of fire, episode:student council, episode:stranger than fanfiction, episode:sonic rainboom, episode:stare master, episode:spike at your service, episode:spice up your life, episode:somepony to watch over me, episode:slice of life, episode:sleepless in ponyville, episode:sisterhooves social, episode:going to seed, episode:simple ways, episode:grannies gone wild, episode:green isn't your color, episode:hearth's warming eve, episode:she's all yak, episode:she talks to angel, episode:shadow play, episode:secrets and pies, episode:secret of my excess, episode:school raze, episode:school daze, episode:rock solid friendship, episode:read it and weep, episode:rarity takes manehattan, episode:rarity investigates, episode:griffon the brush-off, episode:growing up is hard to do, episode:hard to say anything, episode:hearthbreakers, episode:hearts and hooves day, episode:honest apple, episode:horse play, episode:hurricane fluttershy, episode:inspiration manifestation, episode:it ain't easy being breezies, episode:it isn't the mane thing about you, episode:it's about time, episode:rainbow falls, episode:just for sidekicks, episode:putting your hoof down, episode:princess twilight sparkle, episode:princess spike, episode:power ponies, episode:ponyville confidential, episode:pinkie pride, episode:party pooped, episode:party of one, episode:parental glideance, episode:p.p.o.v. (pony point of view), episode:owl's well that ends well, episode:over a barrel, episode:one bad apple, episode:once upon a zeppelin, episode:on your marks, episode:on the road to friendship, episode:not asking for trouble, episode:non-compete clause, episode:no second prances, episode:newbie dash, episode:molt down, episode:mmmystery on the friendship express, episode:may the best pet win, episode:maud pie, episode:marks for effort, episode:marks and recreation, episode:make new friends but keep discord, episode:magical mystery cure, episode:magic duel, episode:made in manehattan, episode:luna eclipsed, episode:look before you sleep, episode:lesson zero, episode:leap of faith, episode:keep calm and flutter on, episode:a banner day, episode:a case for the bass, episode:a fine line, episode:a little birdie told me, episode:a perfect day for fun, episode:a photo booth story, episode:accountibilibuddies, episode:all the world's off stage, episode:all's fair in love & friendship games, episode:aww… baby turtles, episode:best in show: the pre-show, episode:best in show: the victory lap, episode:best trends forever, episode:blue crushed (a.k.a baewatch), episode:camping must-haves, episode:cheer you on, episode:coinky-dink world, episode:constructive criticism, episode:costume conundrum, episode:display of affection, episode:diy with applejack, episode:do it for the ponygram!, episode:driving miss shimmer, episode:epic fails, episode:festival filters, episode:festival looks, episode:find the magic, episode:five lines you need to stand in, episode:five stars, episode:five to nine, episode:fluttershy's butterflies, episode:fomo, episode:friendship math, episode:friendship through the ages, episode:game stream, episode:get the show on the road, episode:good vibes, episode:guitar centered, episode:hamstocalypse now, episode:happily ever after party, episode:how to backstage, episode:i'm on a yacht, episode:x marks the spot, episode:wake up!, episode:inclement leather, episode:unsolved selfie mysteries, episode:twilight under the stars, episode:turf war, episode:too hot to handle, episode:tip toppings, episode:lost and pound, episode:mad twience, episode:stressed in show, episode:street magic with trixie, episode:so much more to me, episode:run to break free, episode:reboxing with spike!, episode:raise this roof, episode:pinkie spy, episode:the science of magic, episode:the salty sails, episode:leaping off the page, episode:the road less scheduled, episode:the other side, episode:the last drop, episode:the last day of school, episode:the finals countdown, episode:the craft of cookies, episode:the canterlot movie club, episode:the art of friendship, episode:let it rain, episode:text support, episode:super squad goals, episode:subs rock, episode:life is a runway, episode:lost and found, episode:make up shake up, episode:music to my ears, episode:my little shop of horrors, episode:my past is not today, episode:opening night, episode:steps of pep, episode:star crossed, episode:sock it to me, episode:sic skateboard, episode:shake your tail, episode:shake things up!, episode:school of rock, episode:schedule swap, episode:road trippin', episode:queen of clubs, episode:pinkie sitting, episode:pinkie pie: snack psychic, episode:photo finished, episode:pet project, episode:monday blues, episode:outtakes, episode:overpowered, episode:street chic, episode:rarity investigates: the case of the bedazzled boot, episode:player piano, episode:pinkie on the one, episode:the beginning of the end, episode:the best gift ever, friendship is magic: rainbow roadtrip, equestria girls:dance magic, equestria girls:equestria girls, equestria girls:forgotten friendship, equestria girls:friendship games, equestria girls:holidays unwrapped, equestria girls:legend of everfree, equestria girls:sunset's backstage pass, equestria girls:spring breakdown, equestria girls:magical movie night, equestria girls:rainbow rocks, equestria girls:movie magic, equestria girls:mirror magic, equestria girls:rollercoaster of friendship, episode:scare master, episode:pinkie apple pie, episode:wonderbolts academy, episode:the cutie re-mark, episode:the great escape room, episode:triple pony dare ya, episode:mystery voice, episode:rarity's biggest fan, episode:ail-icorn, episode:teacher of the month, episode:starlight the hypnotist, episode:sundae sundae sundae, episode:a-dressing memories, episode:cakes for the memories, episode:memnagerie, episode:deep tissue memories, episode:harvesting memories, episode:memories and more, my little pony:equestria girls, eqg summertime shorts, g1 to g4, canterlot high, movie accurate, my little pony: the movie (2017), g3 to g4, equestria girls style, season 9, character:adagio dazzle, character:autumn blaze, character:boysenberry, character:cheerilee, character:dewdrop dazzle, character:edith, character:feather flatterfly, character:forest fall, character:gallus, character:apple brown betty, character:coloratura, character:davenport, character:fido, character:filthy rich, character:fizzle, character:fleur-de-lis, character:berry blend, character:caesar, character:cupid, character:derpy hooves, character:flitterheart, character:auntie applesauce, character:cherry jubilee, character:cozy glow, character:drama letter, character:amethyst star, character:button mash, character:crackle, character:cupcake, character:doctor stable, character:double diamond, character:alice, character:auntie lofty, character:boyle, character:bumblesweet, character:daydream shimmer, character:feather bangs, character:fresh coat, character:aunt holiday, character:bright idea, character:chancellor neighsay, character:cherry berry, character:countess coloratura, character:featherweight, character:flim, character:flower mist, character:bloomberg, character:sunset shimmer, character:caramel apple, character:discord, character:fiddlesticks, character:arimaspi, character:bloo, character:blossomforth, character:bon bon, character:carrot top, character:cheese sandwich, character:ms. peachbottom, character:cream puff, character:dipsy hooves, character:feathermay, character:fire flare, character:apple bumpkin, character:berry punch, character:cherry pie, character:cinnamon chai, character:descent, character:diamond tiara, character:gilda, character:ahuizotl, character:aloe, character:cinnamon swirl, character:clear skies, character:fashion plate, character:fuchsia blush, character:aquamarine, character:bow hothoof, character:breezette, character:claude, character:dizzy twister, character:frazzle rock, character:gabby, character:caramel, character:cotton sky, character:crackle pop, character:diamond rose, character:doctor whooves, character:gentle breeze, character:beauty brass, character:blues, character:bori, character:chickadee, character:cranky doodle donkey, character:diamond mint, character:fond feather, character:angel bunny, character:apple bud, character:big mcintosh, character:blackthorn, character:bulk biceps, rarity and the curious case of charity, character:charity sweetmint, character:chimera sisters, character:cloudy quartz, character:compass star, character:cottonbelle, character:cup cake, character:fire streak, character:fluffy clouds, character:butternut, character:clear sky, character:daisy, character:fizzlepop berrytwist, character:baff, character:cattail, character:angel wings, character:blueberry cake, character:bubble splash, character:cloud kicker, character:donut joe, character:firelock, character:flash magnus, character:biscuit, character:bloofy, character:captain planet, character:carrot crunch, character:cloudchaser, character:daisy dreams, character:fancypants, character:gelato cone, character:apple fritter, character:babs seed, character:baby sunny daze, character:berry bliss, character:cinder glow, character:clementine, character:crackle cosette, character:daisy jo, character:doctor fauna, character:doctor horse, episode:student counsel, character:amira, character:aria blaze, character:cactus rose, character:cerise bud, character:fili-second, character:flitter, character:buffalo bull, character:chipcutter, character:chirpy hooves, character:dark moon, character:dean cadance, character:firelight, character:fleetfoot, character:aunt orange, character:blue bobbin, character:boneless, character:crystal lullaby, character:crystal potion, character:dawn sunrays, character:desert sage, character:dj pon-3, character:vinyl scratch, character:doctor caballeron, character:dust devil, character:fern flare, character:frederic horseshoepin, character:frosty orange, character:apple bloom, character:apple cider, character:baast, character:basil, character:berryshine, character:birch bucket, character:bramble, character:bright mac, character:bright vision, character:candy mane, character:coco pommel, character:cold forecast, character:comet tail, character:crystal, character:dizzy hooves, character:doctor muffin top, character:dumbbell, character:flutterbat, character:gaius, character:apple cobbler, character:apple flora, character:apple rose, character:cayenne, character:apple honey, character:apple sprout, character:flam, character:aura, character:barley barrel, character:burnt oak, character:captain celaeno, character:chief thunderhooves, character:clover the clever, character:cotton cloudy, character:curly winds, character:evil pie hater dash, character:garble, character:aurora, character:braeburn, character:bright nova, character:capper dapperpaws, character:carrot cake, my little pony chapter books, character:cosmos, character:dear darling, character:dinky hooves, character:diwata aino, character:end zone, character:fast clip, character:firecracker burst, character:flash sentry, character:alula, character:archer, character:boulder, character:charity kindheart, character:cookie crumbles, character:daring do, character:ginger owlseye, character:gladmane, character:glitter drops, character:gloriosa daisy, character:golden delicious, character:goldengrape, character:golden harvest, character:goldie delicious, character:goldielocks, character:good king sombra, character:graff, character:grampa gruff, character:grand pear, character:granny smith, character:graphite, character:greta, character:grubber, character:gummy, character:gustave le grande, character:gusty the great, character:hacksaw mccolt, character:happy trails, character:harry, character:haven bay, character:hayseed turnip truck, character:helia, character:high winds, character:hoity toity, character:hondo flanks, character:honeybuzz, character:honey lemon, character:honey rays, episode:fake it 'til you make it, character:cherry crash, flower trio, character:nightmare star, character:sunflower spectacle, nightmare takeover timeline, season 5, character:stormy flare, sunstone (g4 r63 sunburst), character:jack pot, character:sunset satan, character:pinkamena diane pie, character:fluttershy, character:orange blossom, character:silver sable, character:guardian angel, character:apple cinnamon, character:apple dumpling, character:apple leaves, character:apple mint, character:apple split, character:apple squash, character:apple strudel, character:candy apples, character:florina tart, character:gala appleby, character:half baked apple, character:pink lady, character:red gala, character:red june, ship:zippdash, character:lipstick vanity, character:scales, character:lucky charm, ship:gildalane, ship:twinklette, ship:lemonlight, ship:lemonshine, ship:twinklesparkle, ship:twinuette, ship:spikedancer, ship:moonuette, ship:twinkledancer, ship:twidancer, ship:twyra, ship:twirax, character:march gustysnows, character:copper top, ship:lemonberry, ship:twicora, ship:shiningcora, ship:shycora, ship:velvecora, ship:zecord, ship:applecora, ship:zecorabrook, character:mane allgood, character:snap shutter, character:shutterbug, episode:for whom the sweetie belle toils, character:queen chrysalis, character:princess luna, character:princess celestia, character:king sombra, character:thunderstruck, character:twilight sparkle, character:rainbow dash, character:pinkie pie, character:rarity, character:applejack, character:spike, character:trixie, character:starlight glimmer, character:scootaloo, character:sweetie belle, character:princess cadance, character:lyra heartstrings, character:twilight sparkle (scitwi), character:octavia melody, character:shining armor, character:sweetie drops, character:twilight sparkle (unicorn), character:nightmare moon, character:sonata dusk, character:spitfire, character:maud pie, character:soarin', character:tempest shadow, character:time turner, character:smolder, character:zecora, character:silverstream, character:princess flurry heart, character:sunburst, character:princess ember, character:sandbar, character:yona, character:ocellus, character:minuette, character:marble pie, character:silver spoon, character:lord tirek, character:snails, character:roseluck, character:moondancer, character:limestone pie, character:thorax, character:lightning dust, character:twilight velvet, character:snips, character:thunderlane, character:lemon zest, character:sugarcoat, character:sour sweet, character:spike (dog), character:sugar belle, character:nurse redheart, character:nightmare rarity, character:prince blueblood, character:sunny flare, character:mayor mare, character:tank, character:daybreaker, character:rumble, character:sparkler, character:tree hugger, character:sunshower raindrops, character:pear butter, character:indigo zap, character:midnight sparkle, character:vice principal luna, character:winona, character:twinkleshine, character:zephyr breeze, character:lotus blossom, character:lemon hearts, character:pipsqueak, character:surprise, character:timber spruce, character:photo finish, character:twist, character:pound cake, character:star swirl the bearded, character:ms. harshwhinny, character:wallflower blush, character:somnambula, character:pumpkin cake, character:night light, character:lily, character:lily valley, character:shoeshine, character:windy whistles, character:owlowiscious, character:opalescence, character:linky, character:saffron masala, character:sea swirl, character:seafoam, character:quibble pants, character:princess skystar, character:microchips, character:mane-iac, character:smarty pants, character:grogar, character:juniper montage, character:party favor, character:pokey pierce, character:sandalwood, character:spring melody, character:sprinkle medley, character:ruby pinch, character:iron will, character:rockhoof, character:orange swirl, character:night glider, character:barb, character:luster dawn, character:watermelody, character:screwball, character:queen novo, character:suri polomare, character:storm king, character:mystery mint, character:trouble shoes, character:posey shy, character:philomena, character:rainbowshine, character:sassaflash, character:vapor trail, character:principal abacus cinch, character:noteworthy, character:sassy saddles, character:stellar flare, character:spoiled rich, character:white lightning, character:paisley, character:pharynx, character:normal norman, character:sludge, ship:lunamaud, ship:glimmermac, character:don neigh, mean six, character:snowbutt mctwinkles, character:airheart, character:jetstream, character:lovestruck, character:raspberry beret, character:prairie belle, character:burning passion, character:lemon crumble, character:mane moon, character:magnet bolt, character:electric sky, character:citrus blush, character:gemma, character:sun glimmer, character:eclair créme, character:sprout greenhoof, character:perfect pace, character:all aboard, character:glitter spritz, character:rainbow stars, character:on stage, character:parasol, character:pretzel twist, character:stardom, character:nurse sweetheart, character:toffee, character:late show, character:lavender essence, character:natalya, character:blue cutie, character:foxxy trot, character:cherry cola, character:sable spirit, character:mr. paleo, character:mrs. paleo, character:golden gavel, character:swan song, character:booksmart, character:cloverbelle, character:compass course, character:a.k. yearling, character:endeavour, character:rogue, character:biff, character:withers, character:first base, character:shady daze, character:smooth move, character:spectrum shades, character:new wave, character:tender brush, character:cinnamon tea, character:floating lotus, character:morning fog, character:dusty swift, character:desert wind, character:fat stacks, character:opulence, character:pacifica, character:home stretch, character:chain letter, character:well wisher, character:agua fresca, character:raspberry sorbet, character:paddleball, character:spray tag, character:lens reflex, character:breezy serenade, character:autumn afternoon, character:sweet tooth

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