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I'm pretty sure I'm late to the party, but I still wanted to do something for Sunset day before it's completely over!
I honestly had a lot of fun doing this, drawing Sunset always makes me happy! She's awesome!

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Posted previously at: 2020-09-23T02:21:07 | Posted previously by: Nire
safe988237 artist:nire97 character:sunset shimmer40451 species:human75014 species:pony665374 species:unicorn184529 g4280249 adorable face847 bracelet6150 breasts156166 busty sunset shimmer3298 cleavage21814 clothing299117 curvy3824 cute127273 cutie mark28471 dress27133 duo38727 duo female6565 female741882 hands on hip316 human and pony79 humanized53247 jacket8018 jewelry37510 mlem505 one eye closed17243 silly4651 smiling150778 spiked wristband763 sunset shimmer day125 tongue out54497 wink14201 wristband2301


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