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Posted previously at: 2020-10-15T14:00:13
safe976135 artist:emeraldgalaxy110 character:applejack96865 character:fluttershy114570 character:pinkie pie119319 character:rainbow dash128571 character:rarity104237 character:spike45055 character:twilight sparkle170727 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75076 species:alicorn134457 species:dragon33071 species:earth pony136056 species:pegasus180611 species:pony651158 species:unicorn178642 g4259265 canterlot3879 castle of the royal pony sisters526 cloudsdale746 crystal empire1423 eyes closed53128 female729251 happy birthday mlp:fim536 hourglass233 magic44418 mane seven3585 mane six16495 manehattan661 mare281498 mlp fim's tenth anniversary145 ponyville3426 signature13464 sitting37000 smiling145918 winged spike5622


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