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Posted previously at: 2012-01-05T00:46:12 | Posted previously by: Clover the Clever
safe987513 artist:rizcifra98 character:princess celestia55890 character:princess luna65711 species:alicorn136352 species:pony664704 g4279577 adobe imageready207 cosmic love1 cute126864 cutelestia2453 duality2601 duo38617 duo female6551 eyes closed54498 feels820 female741154 floral17 florence and the machine1 frown14627 hug17072 looking up9376 lunabetes2459 mare291738 s1 luna4127 sad14370 sadorable556 sisterly love241 sitting38425 song reference2047 spread wings33106 window5203 winghug1764 wings69532


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