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Ssshh, fillies are sleeping, dreaming filly things.

There is a piece of art I always go to whenever I need a little something to cheer me up. I've been having trouble sleeping after a series of rather horrible night shifts. So I went to look at said picture. And between that and Shinodage's filly adventures , I felt inspired to draw fillies sleeping and dreaming filly things, while I wait for sleep to find me too.

I wonder what they're dreaming of?

Also Apogee is the most majestic sleeper.
safe977457 artist:manifest harmony413 character:sweetie belle25989 oc373018 oc:anon4375 oc:apogee390 oc:aurora sweetheart2 oc:filly anon491 oc:heartbeat109 oc:nyx1063 oc:puppysmiles133 oc:pythia15 oc:scotch tape58 oc:snowdrop462 oc:sunny meadows3 oc:zala14 species:alicorn134127 species:earth pony136543 species:pegasus181209 species:pony652983 species:unicorn179236 species:zebra8694 fallout equestria8670 fallout equestria: project horizons1370 fanfic:fallout equestria3 fanfic:fallout equestria: homelands1 fanfic:fallout equestria: pink eyes1 fanfic:past1 fanfic:the keepers of discord3 sweetie bot598 g4261179 cuddle puddle191 cuddling4849 cute122990 diasweetes1806 drool11249 drool that looks like cum2 fanfic art7814 female730332 filly35247 nibbling161 not cum44 pink background1388 pony pile482 robot4234 simple background229698 sleeping13029 weapons-grade cute2419


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