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Cover art commission for Albi
This is for a fanfic of MLP/Equestria Girl called Spectacular Seven
Thank you so much for commissioning me!
Hope you like it! X"D
Character: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi), Rarity, Applejack, Rainbowdash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Moon Dancer, Trixie Lulamoon
From: My little pony — Equestria Girls
My Commission info
safe973430 artist:hanasakiyunarin2 character:applejack96766 character:fluttershy114241 character:moondancer2821 character:pinkie pie119116 character:rainbow dash128316 character:rarity104093 character:sunset shimmer39902 character:trixie38759 character:twilight sparkle170405 character:twilight sparkle (scitwi)16050 species:eqg human16483 species:human74198 fanfic:spectacular seven1 commission37563 cutie mark accessory148 daydream shimmer551 fanfic5651 fanfic art7800 fanfic cover670 fiery wings100 geode of fauna1119 geode of shielding1455 geode of sugar bombs1289 geode of super speed1518 geode of super strength1365 geode of telekinesis2003 humane five1966 humane seven1525 humane six1854 magical geodes5828 open mouth78018 smiling145642 sword6775 weapon17197 wings64501


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Literary Siren
It is a new year for Sunset Shimmer; a fresh chance at real happiness with her five best friends and her girlfriend. But Sunset is constantly troubled by her uncertain future, and haunted by the consequences of her past.

For her battle against Princess Twilight has drawn forth ancient forces with eyes on the last bastion of magic: Canterlot City.

As darkness closes in, Sunset must find her light and guide her friends to defend their world against old rivals and legends best left forgotten, all while dealing with their ever-looming futures.

But when graduation comes, what will Sunset Shimmer do? For she is still a stranger in this world, with or without her friends, and the road before her guarantees nothing.

Of course, with the universe conspiring against her, it'll be a miracle if she even makes it that far…

Spectacular Seven