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Oleander's magic will bring light to the world as she says, making Twilight Sparkle curious about it!

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anyone can be a pillow — dash
safe974861 artist:chub-wub288 character:applejack96816 character:fluttershy114343 character:pinkie pie119205 character:rainbow dash128392 character:rarity104179 character:starlight glimmer30238 character:twilight sparkle170509 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75021 species:alicorn134191 species:dragon33055 species:earth pony135552 species:pegasus180104 species:pony648728 species:unicorn177980 g4253965 basket1874 blushing102915 cute122167 dialogue43065 glowing horn11535 magic44354 pillow9931 plant1301 sleeping13002 telekinesis16991


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