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Interesting to know that Kirins are one of the mythical hooved chimerical creatures known in EASTERN cultures - specifically East Asian!

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safe974858 artist:bunchedupletters6 character:fluttershy114343 character:pinkie pie119205 species:earth pony135549 species:pegasus180102 species:pony648728 g4253965 ara ara21 ball1926 beanbrows289 bubblegum714 clothing292723 condescending18 dialogue43065 duo36832 eyebrows1445 female728722 food40781 grayscale22209 gum606 high res15854 lidded eyes18645 lineart9656 looking at you93864 mare281011 mocking138 monochrome84894 shorts8796 speech bubble13556 sports shorts594


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