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It was originally the: Sunny and some old book

I've just been made an imagine like this:

-Like the characters from the book.

-Like the force ghosts from Star Wars (The friendship be with you) :)
safe975791 artist:le-2385 character:applejack96855 character:fluttershy114524 character:pinkie pie119286 character:rainbow dash128535 character:rarity104224 character:spike45081 character:sunny starscout571 character:twilight sparkle170672 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75066 species:alicorn134357 species:dragon33068 species:earth pony135881 species:pegasus180434 species:pony649367 species:unicorn178441 g4258596 g51387 spoiler:g51366 book20121 book of harmony71 braid3670 friendship journal140 generation leap3215 ghost1407 mane six16491 older14094 older applejack412 older fluttershy391 older pinkie pie383 older rainbow dash436 older rarity389 older spike2479 older twilight821 reading3823 simple background229046 sitting36973 transparent background126076


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