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Prompt: Draw a pony in motion/Draw a pony scrambling
safe976795 artist:vanillaghosties375 character:queen chrysalis19396 species:changeling26324 g4260336 apron2510 changeling queen8430 chef's hat433 clothing293424 cooking630 egg2063 female729859 fire6558 frying pan200 glowing horn11623 hat51693 levitation7475 magic44476 magic aura2395 simple background229413 smiling146176 solo617338 stove113 telekinesis17055 wings65180


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fortnite and tiktok are at that level of popularity that merely mentioning either of them will bring hordes of people that only exist to make fun of things people enjoy

although, hating on fortnite is a bit old hat at this point
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@Workable Goblin
Yeah, I see that. I'm just not sure how a meme about deleting fortnite or tiktok is super relevant to the image, y'know, that's of Chrysi cooking. Fortnite's just mentioned on her apron, but there's nothing in the image suggesting deletion of either TikTok or FN :P