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safe988302 artist:miokomata776 character:fluttershy115918 species:pegasus185997 species:pony665449 g4280299 abstract background8938 blushing105676 bronybait1595 colored hooves5123 cute127302 female741953 freckles17972 freckleshy180 high res16939 hoof hold5345 hooves12311 hug request279 looking at you98920 mare292423 semi-anthro6921 shyabetes8698 sign2163 signature16028 smiling150805 smiling at you1665 solo626965 spread wings33300 wings69874


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1 comment posted

Sunny Starscount fan
Honestly, in my opinion I think that my two favorite cute pony artists are SymbianL and Miokomata, and when it comes to Freckleshy drawings no one does it better than Mio. I simply love every single Fluttershy image that they make, especially when it comes to the simplicity of the drawings.