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While "Apples to the Core" wasn't my new fave song, it's pretty catchy. This is the first time I've drawn Granny Smith!
safe980293 artist:spacekitty160 character:apple bloom27602 character:applejack97093 character:big mcintosh14951 character:granny smith3363 character:pinkie pie119619 species:earth pony138264 species:pony656575 episode:pinkie apple pie637 g4269912 my little pony: friendship is magic162872 apple bloom's bow776 apple family member1901 applejack's hat3909 banjo181 big macintosh's yoke63 bow15467 brother and sister2170 clothing294742 cowboy hat9298 female732904 grandmother and granddaughter54 grandmother and grandson39 hair bow8527 hat51969 male195050 mare284457 neckerchief1010 open mouth79310 siblings4311 simple background230954 sisters5014 smiling147422 stallion63416 stetson3619 transparent background126421


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