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I've always wanted to try doing a large, sequential piece with abundant detail, so sometime last year I started sketching this out. I was going loosely on significant events of Equestrian history starting from the Pillars, up until Twilight's fateful move to Ponyville. While working on it, season 9 was confirmed to be FiM's last, and it took on a bit of a series tribute aspect as well. FiM has been a source of fun, inspiration and artistic development! :D

This was fun to make — little by little over several months — while also being a test of endurance. I'm generally happy with how it came out, though I feel that the Pillars' area is overly dense in comparison to the rest of it. I started from the bottom, so this didn't really occur to me until much later. I tried rearranging it to create more space, but was somewhat thwarted by having reached the canvas size limit in Illustrator! (I didn't know there was one; Adobe, why?) Illustrator also started exhibiting some buggy behavior when the file got large. So I decided it was finished!
safe979505 artist:spacekitty153 character:adagio dazzle8493 character:angel bunny5775 character:applejack97061 character:aria blaze6492 character:discord16986 character:flash magnus572 character:fluttershy114885 character:king sombra7183 character:meadowbrook583 character:mistmane521 character:nightmare moon9351 character:pinkie pie119568 character:pony of shadows300 character:princess celestia55492 character:princess luna65179 character:rainbow dash128864 character:rarity104478 character:rockhoof828 character:somnambula1290 character:sonata dusk8741 character:spike45077 character:star swirl the bearded1343 character:stygian509 character:twilight sparkle171108 character:twilight sparkle (unicorn)9720 species:alicorn134472 species:draconequus6286 species:dragon33121 species:earth pony137506 species:pegasus182047 species:pony654876 species:rabbit2899 species:siren1426 species:umbrum654 species:unicorn180221 g4263323 my little pony:equestria girls127920 license:cc-by-nc-nd435 applejack's hat3898 armor14638 black vine394 cape6278 chair4085 clothing294354 cloud17770 cowboy hat9281 crown9794 crying23013 cutie mark26696 dark magic1539 digital art9626 element of generosity469 element of honesty473 element of kindness502 element of laughter465 element of loyalty553 element of magic1295 elements of harmony1347 ethereal mane4755 female732006 full moon2064 galaxy mane2907 hat51887 healer's mask132 helmet6663 hoof shoes3024 jewelry35706 lightning1921 magic44640 male194904 mane seven3597 mane six16549 mare283613 mare in the moon966 mask3396 moon13380 necklace10694 peytral1759 pillars of equestria190 plunder seeds42 ponytail11293 regalia11537 saddle bag4095 scroll2325 shoes21212 sombra eyes1894 sombra horn255 spread wings31108 stallion63291 stetson3605 throne1940 tree of harmony444 umbrella1683 vector49990 vine840 wings65953


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