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Oleander's magic will bring light to the world as she says, making Twilight Sparkle curious about it!

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An excerpt from Friendship is Magic: From Pillars to Ponyville
safe979505 artist:spacekitty153 character:adagio dazzle8493 character:aria blaze6492 character:flash magnus572 character:meadowbrook583 character:mistmane521 character:pony of shadows300 character:rockhoof828 character:somnambula1290 character:sonata dusk8741 character:star swirl the bearded1343 character:stygian509 species:earth pony137506 species:pegasus182047 species:pony654876 species:siren1426 species:unicorn180221 g4263323 my little pony:equestria girls127920 license:cc-by-nc-nd435 book20236 digital art9626 female732006 healer's mask132 male194904 mare283613 pillars of equestria190 stallion63291 tree of harmony444 vector49990


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