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An excerpt from Friendship is Magic: From Pillars to Ponyville
safe979505 artist:spacekitty153 character:nightmare moon9351 character:princess celestia55492 character:princess luna65179 species:alicorn134472 species:pony654876 g4263323 license:cc-by-nc-nd435 armor14638 clothing294354 crown9794 crying23013 digital art9626 element of generosity469 element of honesty473 element of kindness502 element of laughter465 element of loyalty553 element of magic1295 elements of harmony1347 ethereal mane4755 eyes closed53423 female732006 full moon2064 galaxy mane2907 hoof shoes3024 jewelry35706 mare283613 mare in the moon966 moon13380 necklace10694 peytral1759 regalia11537 shoes21212 spread wings31108 vector49990 wings65953


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