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An excerpt from Friendship is Magic: From Pillars to Ponyville
safe979564 artist:spacekitty153 character:angel bunny5775 character:applejack97063 character:fluttershy114885 character:pinkie pie119571 character:rainbow dash128864 character:rarity104478 character:spike45077 character:twilight sparkle171110 character:twilight sparkle (unicorn)9722 species:dragon33122 species:earth pony137524 species:pegasus182057 species:pony654947 species:rabbit2899 species:unicorn180235 g4263369 license:cc-by-nc-nd435 applejack's hat3898 clothing294367 cowboy hat9281 cutie mark26701 digital art9627 female732037 flying23969 hat51890 male194907 mane seven3597 mane six16549 mare283640 open mouth79017 ponytail11295 scroll2325 smiling147030 spread wings31111 stetson3605 vector49991 wings65990


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