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Oleander's magic will bring light to the world as she says, making Twilight Sparkle curious about it!

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Thank you to all our healthcare workers in these troubling times.
Hope everyone's doing well out there. I've been a little depressed at the state of everything, honestly, but I'm thankful to still be healthy, employed and working remotely. Trying to get some art in here and there too.
safe979566 artist:spacekitty153 character:nurse redheart1869 species:earth pony137525 species:pony654948 g4263371 license:cc-by-nc-nd435 abstract background8047 clothing294367 cutie mark26701 digital art9627 female732039 hair bun2052 hat51890 mare283642 nurse1170 nurse hat322 silhouette1587 simple background230552 solo619285 vector49991 white background53697


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