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#MLP A Patreon reward for @HaefenZebra. They wanted an #Anthro #TwilightSparkle a few years after ascending to the throne. She hasn't had the alicorn growth spurt, but she's filled out a bit. Now she's enjoying a much coveted day off.
safe977455 artist:baron engel1812 character:twilight sparkle170907 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75185 species:alicorn134127 species:anthro144893 species:unguligrade anthro27405 g4260897 book20174 clothing293654 coffee cup167 cup3888 digital art9555 female730329 hand4333 hand on hip3423 hips1770 monochrome84959 oversized clothes205 oversized shirt50 pencil drawing5486 shirt14264 simple background229698 sketch34233 solo617824 spread wings30823 traditional art65239 white background53473 wings65386


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