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Busy today so i made an edit to 617 [>>4014740] and finally painted the twilights dress from silfoe`s royal sketchbook (wich is amazing btw). Wanted to do this for quite some while but somehow never got around to it. (I did take some liberties with it tho)
I might make lunas dress too, or combine them both in some bigger piece, but if that happens it will be a bit further down the line anyway since i got some other stuff planned.
safe978517 alternate version21319 artist:tenebrisnoctus2 character:twilight sparkle171040 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75307 species:alicorn134363 species:pony654255 g4262791 clothing294108 crown9771 dress26590 female731193 floppy ears29345 hoof shoes3014 jewelry35551 leg fluff1861 looking at you94775 mare282856 necklace10650 regalia11512 shoes21184 simple background230066 smiling146688 solo618538 spread wings30999 unshorn fetlocks14858 wings65697


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