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The sequel to the Sunset Sushi artwork

…. Now along the mysterious customer!
I have applied a heavily marked 90s anime cel style. I hope to make more of these in this style… And having more time to publish them periodically xD
safe978517 artist:branewashpv68 character:sunset shimmer40116 character:wallflower blush1334 species:eqg human17125 species:pony654255 species:unicorn179798 g4262791 my little pony:equestria girls127889 bag2650 cute123310 female731193 flowerbetes110 freckles17259 holding1798 holding a pony1681 looking at each other11399 open mouth78735 retro190 shimmerbetes3159 style emulation2306 sunset sushi140 sweet dreams fuel666


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