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From source:

Happy Pinkie Pie Appreciation Day.

Tumblr source.
safe993445 artist:flutterluv666 character:izzy moonbow2717 character:pinkie pie120309 species:earth pony143354 species:pony670654 species:unicorn186586 g4283029 g57390 ;p114 ball2159 blep5347 bouncing2926 bracelet6389 childproof horn272 fake cutie mark306 fake horn482 female746007 gradient hair3218 hopping221 horn32422 hornball73 izzy's tennis ball201 jewelry38290 looking at you100306 mare295998 multicolored hair5621 one eye closed17467 pronking752 simple background236784 solo629946 tennis ball477 tongue out54883 toy7071 transparent background127178 wink14331 winking at you548


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