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From source:

A remake of the original MLPFIM cover in celebration of the show's 8th anniversary.
safe980289 artist:spellboundcanvas36 character:applejack97093 character:fluttershy114953 character:pinkie pie119619 character:rainbow dash128901 character:rarity104508 character:twilight sparkle171163 species:earth pony138261 species:pegasus182686 species:pony656571 species:unicorn180789 g4269910 chibi8471 cute123876 female732900 flying24011 happy birthday mlp:fim544 looking at you95349 lying down8758 mane six16559 mane six opening poses157 mare284453 mlp fim's eighth anniversary51 one eye closed16839 open mouth79308 open smile260 prone15417 raised hoof27876 sitting37389 smiling147419 wink14017


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