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From source:

Discord gives Sprout some advice
safe988237 artist:chub-wub396 character:discord17123 character:sprout138 species:draconequus6526 species:earth pony141576 species:pony665374 g4280249 g55042 absurd resolution44567 coat markings1823 colored hooves5116 dialogue44567 duo38727 duo male315 frown14643 hooves12296 looking at each other11861 male196801 markings761 open mouth81810 open smile891 scroll2354 simple background235119 sitting38508 smiling150778 socks (coat marking)2487 speech bubble14145 stallion64710 talking3245 text27572 three quarter view3001 unshorn fetlocks16713 white background55202


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