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Post title:

G5 mares hanging out (art by me)
safe981010 artist:scribbling-potato8 character:applejack97129 character:fluttershy115055 character:izzy moonbow1554 character:pinkie pie119667 character:pipp petals880 character:rainbow dash128958 character:rarity104546 character:sunny starscout1281 character:twilight sparkle171237 character:zipp storm500 species:earth pony138698 species:pegasus183067 species:pony657490 species:unicorn181219 g4271295 g53218 bag2715 bracelet5929 cellphone2208 coat markings1345 colored hooves3966 colored wings3821 cup3929 eye clipping through hair3257 eyebrows2860 eyebrows visible through hair1096 female733869 figurine861 glass2738 gradient mane1952 happy18665 hoof hold5086 hooves10736 in-universe pegasister91 jewelry36024 mane six16566 mare285436 multicolored hair4102 multicolored wings1885 open mouth79665 open smile369 phone3611 pipp wings756 profile3954 satchel150 sitting37525 smartphone1293 smiling147846 socks (coat marking)2081 three quarter view1169 wings66772


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