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From source:

My first MLP Commission that wasn't an OC. Not that I dislike those! :V I just tend not to post OCs.

MLP © Hasbro
safe993937 artist:zilleniose-chu1 character:lyra heartstrings16754 character:octavia melody14413 character:princess luna65897 character:sweetie belle26227 species:alicorn137319 species:earth pony143621 species:pony671236 species:unicorn186805 g4283369 bipedal20368 cello1643 colored pupils6487 commission39199 crying23274 cute129595 diasweetes1909 female746551 filly36136 foal9158 lunabetes2537 lyrabetes926 lyre486 mare296450 music1589 musical instrument5387 photoshop2130 profile5744 raised hoof29631 s1 luna4146 singing4149 stage2016 tavibetes470 three quarter view3296 young1854


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