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NATG Day 5, Draw a pony making a friend / Draw a pony patching things up.
safe983895 artist:nedemai99 character:apple bloom27713 character:diamond tiara5055 species:earth pony140101 species:pony660883 newbie artist training grounds3840 g4275544 apple9459 apple family member2061 atg 202183 chest fluff22736 digital art9899 duo37908 female737310 filly35637 first aid50 first aid kit84 food41494 hammer1002 hammer time13 holding1995 mouth hold10815 no pupils2401 profile4694 raised hoof28426 screwdriver205 scuff mark16 shrunken pupils1873 simple background233114 sitting37970 white background54538 wrench420 young1280


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