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From source:

EQG Apple Bloom. Must've been a really nice sunset for her to be staring like that. Too bad we can't see it :P
safe981010 artist:symbianl359 character:apple bloom27625 species:human74618 g4271297 my little pony:equestria girls127977 adorabloom1793 apple family member1933 boots12890 clothing295173 colored eyebrows523 colored pupils5991 cute124214 eared humanization1153 eyebrows2861 fence1693 grass field397 human coloration2857 humanized52988 mountain3154 mountain range374 open mouth79665 open smile369 shoes21332 signature14179 smiling147846 solo620710 species swap11590 stars8921 sunset3107 tail13679 tailed humanization1411 tree19354 weapons-grade cute2464


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